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Yearly Archive: 2017

Sometimes Breaking The Rules Is Necessary

Ever since we’ve been young children, we’ve all been subject to the rules and regulations that have been set for everyone to follow. These rules are set so that everyone obeys them, and so that there won’t be any issues as there will be consequences as a result. Rules were what kept people in their rightful and proper place and that’s how it’s always been; but now as times have changed, so have people too. No one is afraid to speak out for what they represent or if they don’t agree with something like certain regulations that have been made. They will act out in every way possible and will not stop at anything to get what they want. This is because back then the people were much different and they listened to the powerful people and knew what would happen if they didn’t. People aren’t like that anymore and refuse to listen to whatever they’re being told to do, and instead opt to go for the exact opposite, which is stupid. No matter how hard the authorities try, they’ll never be able to control people according to how they want them too.

There are obviously so many reasons to explain why people have become so rebellious and uncontrollable; one would be the fact that the way people think is totally different compared to people back then, and they’re much more open minded and willing to experiment with things they shouldn’t be doing. It’s like people get some sort thrill out of disobeying the higher authorities, and causing trouble and so much of inconvenience for the other citizens of the country. These people obviously don’t have the brains to think about what the other people have to go through, because they’re so caught up in themselves to even care about someone else. People are messed up that way, and it’s so hard to understand why they would want to go to such lengths to make their point about something. Another reason would be because of these people not having stable jobs that provide the adequate income they need. They may have been fired or made redundant due to certain reasons, so this is their way of channeling their anger. Their only source of cash would be best betting promotions if they’re even lucky.

Out of all the options to obtain money, this isn’t the correct way. They think horse race betting online is the best way. But these people must be so uneducated to think that this is what will get them out of their problems.